Atami Fireworks 熱海海上花火大会

Atami Fireworks

We started the weekend in Atami 熱海, a very popular destination for Tokyoites although frankly I find it to be quite an unattractive town - it has a fake hilltop castle that's super tacky inside, although the view from it is quite nice. Anyway, we were here to see fireworks (熱海海上花火大会) which they do quite frequently all throughout the summer and sometimes in the winter as well. You don't get the crazy number of fireworks like in Tokyo and Yokohama and it doesn't last quite as long (about 30 minutes), but it's not nearly as crowded! We got a cheap business hotel and watched it from the hotel rooftop. Then we headed to Shuzenji 修善寺, an onsen town known as little Kyoto with a nice little bamboo forest, followed by a visit to Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls 河津七滝, stopping by amazing outdoor hot spring pools by the waterfall where you can wear your swimsuit.

熱海海上花火大会 熱海花火大会