Gingko Trees at Jingu Gaien

gingko tress gaienmae

The gingko trees in Jingu Gaien 神宮外苑 いちょう並木 are where the first Shake Shack in Japan is. Needless to say, it is super crowded on the weekend. There's usually a festival with food stalls but they don't have one this year in 2016. You can then walk right for 15 minutes along Aoyama Dori 青山通り to the super hipster outdoor dining area of Commune 246 where there are food trucks, cardboard trays, drinks in mason jars with herbs and spices, and all that jazz!! It'll be on your left hand side just before Omotesando Station. Why not just eat at Shake Shack, you ask? ... because there is always a ridiculously long line... duh! I suppose it's more reasonable than lining up for Taco Bell (Shibuya and Shiodome) or Panda Express (just opened in Lazona in Kawasaki).