Sky Duck スカイダックバス

Sky Duck

What?! A bus that turns into a boat?!! Sold! Or so I thought. The super genki & kawaii guide made up for the very boring route. Even though Tokyo is such a dynamic city, they've managed to choose the least impressive route with nothing special to see. The highlight was of course the brief moment the bus went in the water and made a big splash. The river was not the most attractive one, also with nothing to see. The boat went up and down a section of the river for a very short time. Then there was a 20-minute stop at this tiny souvenir shop before we could get back on.

スカイダック The guide we got was so full of energy and funny – she talked non-stop during the entire ride which would normally be pretty annoying, but she was so good at her job! She gave it her all to entertain everyone by giving quizzes, introducing fun facts about wherever we were passing, and making us wave at passersby plus blowing the duck whistles they gave out for free. Everything was in Japanese.

You can reserve seats on their website up to a month in advance and pick up the tickets at their office on the day. Their Skytree office can be found by exiting Skytree Solamachi's West Yard, crossing the small bridge then crossing the street - it's on the corner on Asakusa-dori. The bus shakes a lot and has no windows so it can be a bit chilly in the winter, but they give out hand warmer heat packs.