Sun More サンモーレ

Stayed here for one night when we visited Edo Wonderland and Tobu World Square - it was simple, spacious, and quiet. We got the stand-alone loft for 4 people, but it has 3 Japanese-style futons on tatami on the ground floor and 3 more on flooring upstairs in the small loft. The 2 sofas are sofa beds that could probably sleep another couple of people. The bathroom is very big as well with a good-sized bathtub. There's the faint smell of cigarettes in the room, but it's not very noticeable. Wifi is free but very slow in the room, maybe because it's farther from the main office. There’ a place to for barbecues outdoors.

There's a convenience store diagonally across the street and an Italian restaurant a few minutes down the road to the left on the right hand side of the street. Also there's a yakiniku barbecue restaurant across the street. Not much else to do around here at night.

From Edo Wonderland, it's a 10-minute walk or a very short 760-yen taxi ride. We also walked to Tobu World Square in about 20 minutes, but you can walk 10 minutes past the river (nice view) to Kosagoe Station (小佐越) to catch the loop bus if you don't want to walk so much. The owners also offered us a ride to World Square, but it was at 9 am. They seemed like nice people.