Transparent Mochi 水信玄餅


So, what does an angel's tear 天使の涙 taste like? Now you can find out! 水信玄餅 (no idea how to read it) from Kinseiken 金精軒, a traditional Japanese sweets shop in Yamanashi 山梨, is now at 味甘CLUB inside Urasando-garden ( 裏参道ガーデン ) in Omotesando 表参道, apparently just 10 per day 'til September. I had it in late August of 2016 and there was no competition on a Sunday afternoon! It's 700 yen or 1000 yen with a drink. Rumor has it that this magical looking see-through Japanese dessert turns back to the Southern Alps 南アルプス water after 30 minutes... although I ate it before I could find out whether that's actually true! And yes that is gold on top :) The clear mochi itself doesn't have much of a taste but goes very well with the very Japanesey soy kinako power きな粉 and brown sugar syrup 黒みつ. The place was pretty hard to find but there are many little shops here - kind of a hipster place (as you can probably tell by their slightly pretentious but nice website), in the best sense of the word.

Urasando Garden
clear mochi