Izu Oshima 伊豆大島

oshima mount fuji
izu oshima
oshima fuji
Hotel Akamon
outdoor onsen at Hotel Akamon
Not much going on this island but it's a very relaxing getaway! Awesome view of Odaiba from the overnight ferry from Tokyo to Izu Oshima 伊豆大島, plus incredible sunset with Mount Fuji in the backdrop. Not too shabby!

We stayed at Hotel Akamon ホテル赤門, which is dated outside but nice inside - plus it has a beautiful outdoor onsen. Located a few minutes walk from Motomachi Port (for buses around the island/ferries to & from Tokyo) and the coastline where Mount Fuji can be seen on a clear day, Akamon is also within walking distance to a supermarket and some souvenir shops. The souvenirs in the lobby are slightly cheaper than ones in the souvenir shops nearby though. There is also a small shrine on the side of the hotel. A black sand beach where you can swim/surf a 15-minute walk away.

Even though this place looks dated on the outside and in the halls, it is actually very clean and nice inside. The tatami room we got comfortably sleeps 4, on top of having a seating area, a fridge, an air conditioner, a tv, an ensuite toilet and a sink (You shower in the public bath). The staff set up and put away the futons for you each day. Out the windows, you can see the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

Indoor gender-separated hot spring baths are open 24 hours and the outdoor ones with a beautiful view of a small lush garden is open from 6 am to 11 pm. I would say this is the best part of the hotel, other than the insane amount of food you get at dinner where more than 10 dishes are served - mostly seafood, of course. The food is very Japanese (lots of fish, raw and cooked), so if you hate seafood, it's probably not ideal. Otherwise, it's quite good!

There's wifi, but just in the lobby area. Buses are not frequent, but if you get a rental car, it's a short drive to the attractions around the island (we got a van for 8000 yen for 6 hours)
Oshima ferry
awesome view from the overnight ferry to Oshima
oshima beach
black sand beach near the hotel
Izu Oshima volcano
Mount Mihara 三原山 is a cool volcano! More active than Mount Omuro
Mount Mihara Mount Mihara Oshima
Mount Mihara Oshima
Mount Mihara Izu Oshima