Motomachi Park & Yamate

Came to Motomachi Park 元町公園 for cherry blossoms then walked over to Yamate 山手 where there are foreigner's houses from way back free for people to visit. To be honest, I didn't find it overly interesting like when I saw a similar district in Kobe because they are just, well, houses. The sakura here did not wow me but it was pleasant and not overly crowded, unlike many places in Tokyo. Recommended if you want to take it easy for a couple of hours.

do you love the old man's quasi professional photo squat as much as I do?! ossan-squat! go go go!
Motomachi Park sakura
Motomachi Park
Yamate sakura
Yamate Foreign Settlement 山手西洋館

nice cafe with...

cherry blossom cake!   weak girly moment ;)

keep on walking and this is what you'll see! muahahahaha~ ^________^