Tokyo Cruise

Odaiba cool boat
Himiko, cool-looking but actually super boring

You too might have seen these cool-looking spaceship-like boats going along the river from Asakusa to Odaiba and wonder what it'd be like to be in one. Well, it was quite disappointing! The scenery along the way is surprisingly underwhelming and it's actually super slow, unlike the high-speed you might have imagined for such a high-tech-looking boat. I personally prefer the short ferry ride that takes you from Odaiba to Hinode 日の出, by the boarding point of the Edo boat, where you can then walk 15 minutes to JR's Hamamatsucho Station 浜松町駅 or the subway station Daimon 大門駅 that connects to Roppongi (Kill Bill restaurant) and Shinjuku (Godzilla). Look up the different cruises and ferry on Tokyo Cruise!

starts from Asakusa
Asakusa cool boat
inside, "glass bottom" but can't see anything
Tokyo Cruise Asakusa to Odaiba
arrives in Odaiba
Tokyo Bay Sunset
view from the river ferry, can stand outside

river ferry from Odaiba to Hinode

view on the river ferry, departing from Odaiba