Arasaki Park 荒崎公園

Arasaki Park map
Arasaki Park 荒崎公園, on the jagged west coast of Miura Peninsula 三浦半島, is surprisingly beautiful. Unlike Jogashima Island 城ケ島, there aren't really restaurants and shops around so make sure you bring some food or get some at the 711 by Keikyu's Misakiguchi Station 三崎口駅. There are plenty of drink vending machines though. You can find some picnic tables as well.

From outside the station, you can take a 20-minute bus from Bus Stop 3, Bus# 12, 22, 51, or 52 bound for Arasaki 荒崎. Get off at Arasaki 荒崎 and walk past the parking lot.

The bus/train fare is included if you get the Miura 1-day or 2-day train-plus-bus pass 三浦半島1DAYきっぷ sold at ticket machines at various Keikyu 京急 stations.

The walk from Arasaki Park 荒崎公園 to Wada Beach 和田海水浴場 is 2.5 km but takes more than an hour, with lots of view points. It's fairly easy but make sure you have sturdy shoes for walking on jagged rocks and sand. It takes longer to walk on sand/rocks.

From Wada Beach 和田海水浴場, you can walk back to the main road and take the bus for 3 minutes back to the station.

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Wada Beach
Wada Beach 和田海水浴場
Miura Arasaki
Arasaki Miura