Live House ライブハウス

Matsudo Firebird
Kamata Gigs
If you like music (who doesn't?) and want to do more than just touristy stuff, you might wanna check out a live house or two - small-ish music clubs featuring live music, often with bands whose musicians hang about before or after their gigs... The music is pretty good for the most part! Good atmosphere!

There's a bunch all over the place, but you can check these out:

           ♫   Rock Bar REDSHOES in Roppongi 六本木 : nice trendy place

           ♫   Shibuya eggman : nice venue!

           ♩   GIGS in Tokyo's Kamata 蒲田 : quite small

           ♪   Blues Alley in Meguro 目黒 : big & nice with pricey food & drinks

           ♬   新松戸 FIREBIRD in Chiba : quite small