Kagaya is a funny izakaya

Chances are you've heard of Kagaya from some online source and want to find out more, amiright? This is a very strange restaurant that offers surprisingly nice homemade food in a somewhat rundown basement near Shimbashi Station 新橋駅 (Take JR's Hibiya Exit, walk to the left, go down the street where Family Mart is, it's underground on the right with a frog sign, next to another Family Mart). DO NOT watch any related videos online before you go. It's best to bring someone you want to surprise/shock, someone who is not easily offended by erratic shouting, overacting, or inappropriate humping, if humping is ever appropriate. It was great fun for all of us! It was especially nice because all the other customers were really into it as well!

kagaya shimbashi You pay a set price per person (¥1080/¥2700/¥3240 plus ¥702 per drink or ¥4860 including drinks - the Japanese menu looks cheaper than the English one because it doesn't include tax but it's really the same price) depending on how hungry you are and the very normal woman cooking the food will bring you what she has cooked for the night - no choice. The guy is known for his antics so that's mostly what you're paying for here - the "experience".

When your table orders drinks, you have a choice of how the drinks will be "presented" to you based on the country you choose, be it America (crazy frog skit & humping), Brazil (octopus wig dancing), England (teddy bear waiter), China (kung-fu service), France (sketch artist) or Japan (in order of our preference, except that we did not get to see Japan since no other table chose it). Basically, the guy serving you will duck into his tiny changing room separated by a curtain and come out with his take on the country... cultural appropriation? Nah, it's too ridiculous to even call it that.

Make a reservation at 03-3591-2347 - He speaks English, kinda. Everyone there had a reservation (each table gets 2 hours) as this is not really the type of restaurant you just wander into, especially given the wealth of options available in Shimbashi. There are lots of standing bars under the tracks, for example.... great places to hang out afterwards!
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