Snorkelling in Ito

ito shizuoka
Kawana Beach
not the most attractive beach drawing crowds during obon
Kawana snorkelling
quieter side a short walk away for snorkelling

Kawana uni
Good, but I wish it was all uni!
Surprising a lot of colorful fish at rocky Kawana Beach 川奈海水浴場, a short walk from Kawana Station. Saw little blue fish and big yellowish green fish amongst many others. There's a hut renting out tubes for 1000 yen, although you can buy them for cheaper at shops in the city. There's a dive shop on the way here from the station selling snorkel sets also. During obon, there were jet skis and a banana boat and quite a few people.

Really amazing sea urchin at the restaurant 海女の小屋 与望亭 overlooking the beach. The sea urchin bowl うに丼 is 2800 yen but will be so worth it - can get a little bit of extra uni 生うに for 1650, as good as the uni in Hokkaido!

I wanted to rent a tube but didn't know the Japanese word for it.

Me pointing at the tube, in Japanese: What is this called in Japanese?

Japanese lady: Snoopy

Me: I know, but what is THIS in Japanese?

Japnese lady, slowly: korewa su-nu-pi desu.


In case you're wondering, it's called ukiwa 浮輪.

izukogen onsen After snorkelling, it was time to head to an onsen 立ち寄り温泉 伊豆高原の湯 a short walk away from Izu-Kogen Station 伊豆高原駅. It was very crowded on a Sunday night during obon but it's such a nice hot spring place that looks even better in person than the pictures online!

Other than the indoor jet pool, small shallow area for kids, and sauna, there are 2 large/medium-sized outdoor hot spring pools on different levels, a cold pool, few beautiful ceramic tubs with very hot water, and an onsen for you to sit in with the whole body clay mask they provide.

The only thing is that the changing room is quite small and there weren't quite enough showers for such a big crowd. Soap/shampoo/conditioner/cotton buds/hairdryers available but no lotion. The outdoor standing showers were quite nice! There's a relaxation area with comic books. You can use the coupon on their website to get 100 yen off. There's a launderette next door.

Next up is Ito 伊東, which does not seem like the most interesting place but it is nice to take half an hour to have a little wander. K's House below looks like a cool place to stay! There are 7 statues around Ito Station that you can pour warm onsen water over for different types of good luck!

We headed down to Shimoda 下田 the next day for snorkelling, festival, and fireworks!