Takatoriyama Hiking 鷹取山

The 8 m carved Buddha, Magaibutsu 磨崖仏, near the end/beginning of the
Jinmuji / Takatoriyama Hiking Course 神武寺・鷹取山ハイキングコース

After our failed attempt to get in the tree house cafe in Yokohama, Nanjya Monjya because of the crazy long line on a Saturday afternoon (should've known!), we headed to Higashi-Zushi Station 東逗子 for this very quiet and interesting 2.5 km hiking course which took just a couple of hours. The mountain is just 139 m

Takatoriyama Hiking
Hiking course entrance near
Higashi Zushi Station.
All signs are in Japanese!
Exit the station, turn right, and go back over the tracks. Continue uphill for a bit until you see the entrance to the hiking trail on the right (sign in Japanese). After going through the lovely Jinmu-ji Temple 神武寺 with statues donning conical hats, the trail continues sharply uphill behind the temple, eventually leading to an area of high quarry faces, like a mini Nokogiri Mountain 鋸山! There are also 360° views of the ocean - can see Fuji from the observation deck​ 展望台 on a clear day, apparently! After getting off the trail, you can head downhill to Keikyu's Oppama Station 追浜駅 past the supermarket or take the bus there.

Although I did make it in flip-flops, you'd definitely be better off with hiking sandals or shoes because the up-and-down trails include beautiful mossy rocks, tree branches, packed mud, steps, and a small area with chains. There are lots of mosquitoes (yeah nature) so either use bug spray or wear long sleeves (which we also didn't do)! There are no vending machines except for one at Takatoriyama Park 鷹取山公園 really close to the end/beginning of hiking course (depending on where you start the hike) so make sure you have some water.
bathroom just before Jinmuji Temple 神武寺
clock tower's cool dragon
conical straw hat is the look
at Jinmuji Temple 神武寺
Takatori yama
first view point
walk between big rocks

short part with chains

quarry faces and ocean view

Takatoriyama hiking map

heading downhill to Keikyu's Oppama Station 追浜駅