VirtuaLink VR experience in Odaiba

For 1500 yen, you can have 20 minutes of so of VR experience called VirtuaLink at Odaiba's DiverCity. The seat was comfortable but it was a bit disappointing for us. The graphics were cute but the experience itself wasn't awfully interesting. Basically, you are in a spaceship and have to lift these balls by moving a red dot with your head. Then you got to save earth with a very shrill voice shouting in your ear. All instructions are in Japanese and there are a lot of instructions. There's a discount for groups of 3.
Virtual Link odaiba
free photo-op outside
space food
Being the curious monkey that I am, I of course fell victim to the "space food" they have on sale. The pricey vanilla "ice cream" tasted like a tablet of packed powdered milk, but I actually quite like it! Not sure if it's worth the money though.
space ice cream
"space" vanilla ice cream