Yamanaka Castle Ruin Park

Yamanaka Castle Ruins
Hakone Old Trail
Hakone Trail 箱根旧街道
Yamanaka Castle Ruin Park
Yamanaka Castle Ruin Park 山中城跡公園 is a relaxing place to spend an hour, with Mount Fuji view. We spent just over an hour at this castle ruin park and it was such a pleasant place with a few spots where you can see Mount Fuji if the weather is clear.

Mount Fuji was almost entirely covered by clouds by the time we got here but it was still very nice to walk through this lovely site which has whimsical round hedges, interesting ridges in the moat, and lush lawns. We saw a family having a picnic here and thought that was such a great idea!

There are 2 sides on either side of the main road and the side next to the parking lot is more interesting if you're pressed for time although you won't see Mount Fuji on that side. The entrance to the Hakone Old Trail 箱根旧街道 is on the other side. It's free and not too many people come here, unlike Mishima Skywalk which is 4 minutes back towards Mishima Station by bus. If you want to see both places, it's better to come here second so you are more likely to get a seat on the bus on the way back. The bus stop back is a short walk downhill.

At a booth near the bus stop right by Izuhakone Railway's Mishima Station, you can buy Mishimaru Ticket みしまるきっぷ for 900 yen which allows you to take the bus freely in the area (return bus fare to Yamanaka Castle Ruin Park alone is normally 1220 yen). It takes roughly 30 minutes by bus (2 to 3 buses an hour on weekends and just once an hour on weekdays).
Yamanakajo Yamanakajoato
Yamanakajoa ato Yamanaka Castle Ruin Park
Yamanakajoato Yamanaka Caslte