Anata no Warehouse

Anata no Warehouse Kowloon game center Tokyo

Anata no Warehouse あなたのウェアハウス is a multi-storey game center with Kowloon Walled City decor pretty close to Kawasaki Station. If you also found this place on Atlas Obscura, it looks just like the photos, except you're not allowed to take photos inside. It has arcade games, darts, and billiard. The cool Kowloon Walled City decor is just on the one side and most of the game center bit is just "normal". Most games are just 100 yen and there is a good selection of retro games for just 50 yen! You have to be 18 to enter.

Anatano Warehouse あなたのウェアハウス
shortest escalator in the world While in Kawasaki, you might as well check out the world's shortest escalator (certified by the Guinness Book of Records) with a whopping 5 steps haha!

A couple of years ago, it used to go down, which made no sense at all! But now it goes up, somewhat useful. It's in the basement B2 of KAWASAKI MORE'S 川崎モアーズ across the street from the East Exit of Kawasaki Station, connected to the underground Azalea shopping mall.

There's a really good ramen shop called Tonchin 池袋 屯ちん on the 7th floor by the way.
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