Jogashima Island 城ケ島

Mount Fuji Miura

Jogashima Island 城ケ島, off of the tip of Miura Peninsula 三浦半島, is the perfect place to spend a few hours, away from the crowds. Like most seaside towns in Japan's countryside, the rundown town center is not exactly picturesque, but the jagged coastline looks amazing, with snow-capped Mount Fuji over the ocean in the background every which way you look. It was absolutely gorgeous on a sunny day!

miura meibutsu
We took Bus #9 [ 三9 城ケ島 ゆき ] from Bus Stop 2 right out of Keikyu's Misakiguchi Station 三崎口駅 which runs about twice an hour. It took about 30 minutes on the bus to 白秋碑前 and cost 350 yen each way - SUICA can be used... or get a better deal with the Miura 1-day or 2-day train-plus-bus pass 三浦半島1DAYきっぷ, sold at the ticket machines at various Keikyu 京急 stations.

You can get off at 三崎港 and take a 5-minute ferry to the island also, but we chose to take the bus there and back. Even though the bus was surprisingly packed at the start of the year-end holidays, there weren't really that many people on the island.

Apparently, Miura is known for tuna - the Maguro Zuke Don マグロづけ丼 in particular seems to be sold by all the restaurants so of course I was compelled to try it. Any time a local specialty is labelled meibutsu 名物 (famous specialty) or daininki 大人気 (super popular), I find it hard to resist. It was good though! The very local-looking restaurant steps away from the 白秋碑前 bus stop offers it for 1000 yen. It is run by the cutest old man and his old man friend in a place with knick knacks that look like they haven't been moved in at least 20 years. Hahaha.
miura daffodils Jogashima daffodils Also, daffodils 水仙 are supposed to be in bloom from late December to January. Some of the paths are lined by daffodils but they weren't really that impressive at the end of December, which I guess was a bit too early. There's a small area of them at Jogashima Park 城ヶ島公園, but there weren't nearly as many as I imagined so better not get your hopes up.

The park itself is quite nice though! You get views of Nokogiri and Oshima amongst other places!
Mount Fuji Jogashima
Jogashima Mount Fuji
Jogashima Miura Peninsula

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