Sankeien Garden 三溪園

Sankeien autumn Sankeien fall
Sankeien Garden autumn Really big and lovely place to spend a couple of hours, especially during autumn when certain areas are open to the public - check their event calendar. It was much nicer than the photos online despite having so many visitors on a sunny Sunday afternoon early December! Highlight after highlight of incredible autumn colors and beautiful Japanese houses. You might be able to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji amidst oil refineries and the bay from the view point past where the pagoda is. I believe people come for cherry blossoms as well... There are a few restaurants inside. You can get here by bus from either Negishi Station 根岸駅 or Yokohama station 横浜駅, followed by a short walk.
Sankeien autumn Sankeien fall
Sankeien kimono
Ladies in kimono out 'n about
Sankeien fuji
Can you spot Fuji?