Kawasaki Factory Tour 川崎工場夜景

If you've ever been to Kawasaki Station 川崎駅, maybe you too have seen the amazing time-lapse photos of the Kawasaki Factory Tour 川崎工場夜景. We were tempted so we signed up for the 4000-yen boat tour with a phone reservation and met in front of Kawasaki Nikko Hotel for a bus that shuttled us to the boat.

some postcards given as souvenirs
The boat was not the nicest and was packed with people who all brought snacks with them (good idea - we didn't get the memo though). There were tables inside but you could go up to the top deck and see the factories. Of course, in person, the factories looked nowhere as dynamic as the time-lapsed photos, for obvious reasons, plus it was very chilly and windy outside when we went. The whole time, a Japanese guide explained what factories we were passing... As with most Japanese tours, the guide talked a mile a minute, non-stop. I'm not a fan of this type of information-jamming but there was no escape. I'm not sure if this was worth it and still don't know what to do with all the postcards they gave us. In Lazona's Maruzen, they sell calendars for this... I wonder who buys them.