Red Bull Air Race

air race japan

The weekend of June 3rd & 4th, 2017 was the third Red Bull Air Race in Makuhari Seaside Park 幕張海浜公園, a short walk from Kaihimmakuhari Station in Chiba (the same Keiyo Line 京葉 you can take to Disneyland).
red bull air race chiba

helicopter rescue "show"

We watched the qualifiers 予選 which took place on the first day, with slightly cheaper tickets than the second day - still very exciting for amateurs though... much more impressive then I imagined! The planes were very close and it wasn't overly crowded. Although the place opened at 10, test runs didn't start until 1 pm and the qualifiers started at 4 pm and ended at 5:30.

During the qualifiers, the planes fly through giant air-filled pylons at set heights and go up real high before coming down again. Each pilot does 2 rounds on the race track, competing for speed. The booklet they give out onsite explains the race track and point systems further, on top of telling you a bit about all the pilots. The pilots did much more interesting and unpredictable flips and dives during the test runs since they didn't seem to have to follow a set course then.

You can enter and re-enter as long as you hold onto your tickets, which can be bought at convenience stores in advance. There are a few other events onsite, like really cool motorcycle and BMX jumps and skateboarders on half-pipe doing tricks. It'd be a good idea to bring a tarp and make sure to have loads of sunscreen as there is no shade while watching the air race on the beach. There are lots of food and booze stands inside but no outside food or drinks are allowed in - they search your bags at the entrance. Nearby in the APA Hotel is a Lawson's convenience store and there is also an outlet mall by the station.
red bull air race japan