Cycle to Daio Wasabi Farm in Azumino

Cycle to Daio Wasabi Farm Cycling in Azumino
hotaka bike rental We rented bikes right out of Hotaka Station 穂高駅 near Matsumoto - 300 yen an hour for each 3-gear bike with a basket & can leave your bags there for free. A few steps around the corner is another place offering bikes for 200 yen an hour. An hour and a half gave us just enough time to cycle 20 minutes past small temples and through rice paddies against spectacular mountains in the backdrop to Daio Wasabi Farm 大王わさび農場 in Azumino 安曇野 with plenty of picture stops! No bikes inside but we had enough time to walk around as well as pick up some souvenirs.
cycle to wasabi farm
beautiful country road
daio wasabi farm
wasabi plants
daio wasabi farm waterwheels