Nabana no Sato なばなの里

Nabana no sato golden week
during the afternoon
Nabana no sato Begonia Garden
Begonia Garden

nabana no sato night flowers Took the bus from Nagoya's Meitetsu Station (next to Nana-chan) which was 1780 yen for the round trip on top of the 2300 yen entrance fee. Nice flowers in the park when it's still light out. Used the 1000 yen voucher included for the Begonia Garden inside and it was very beautiful and quieter than the very crowded garden since we went during Golden Week. There were a lot of lights concentrated in a small-ish area (compared to illumination parks in Kanto) and there was a short show on a loop showing different seasons - again, extremely crowded. The 2 illuminated tunnels in and out of the main illuminations area are quite impressive and seem larger than other illumination parks - took only around half an hour to see the illumination part despite inching along at a snail's pace. We spent 2 hours there in total. The bus back was a nightmare as there was a long queue and not many extra buses.
Nabana no Sato illuminations Nabana no Sato tunnel