Farm House Stay at Shirakawago 白川郷

Ootaya Shirakawago Ootaya Shirakawago

dinner including hida beef 飛騨牛
Minshuku Otaya 合掌簡宿 大田屋 is a pretty basic minshuku with a few rooms that serves simple, decent food at 5:30 pm and 7:30 am, along with a short traditional dance/song. The 2.5 hour bus ride from Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya by Nana-chan turned into a 5-hour drive with Golden Week traffic, which gave us 3 hours, just enough time to wander around and go to the view point - 4 or 5 hours would've been better though. You can pay a couple hundred yen each to go inside some of the other farmhouses.

It's a very short walk from the bus station, uphill - on the other side of all the other houses. Shared bathroom and showers/bath - there is a hot spring a few minutes down the road overlooking the turquoise river that's 500 yen with the hotel coupon (otherwise 700 yen, from 7 am until 9 pm). Free, fast wifi. Daily Yamazaki convenience store is down the road, in the other direction from the farm houses.

Not quite the hyped up "must-do" farmhouse stay experience I imagined since you can't go up and see the thatched roof so it's just pretty basic tatami rooms, like a regular Japanese house, even though it's 174 years old - no soundproofing or lock from the outside since it's just sliding doors. Shirakawago is quite developed and packed with tourists so probably unlike what one might imagine of a quiet traditional farming village. At night when all the tourists are gone, the town becomes very peaceful and atmospheric so staying the night is worth it in that regard.

Shirakawago onsen
onsen nearby, overlooking the river
shirakawago map
map of the area

from the viewpoint

mandatory zoom-in-shot