Forest of Koajiro 小網代の森

Koajiro no mori 小網代の森 is ust a 20-minute walk from Misakiguchi Station 三崎口駅 following signs or a 4-minute bus ride to Hikibashi 引橋 Bus Stop ( 三 4 / 5 / 6 / 9 / 11 from Bus Stop 1 or 2) - walk back where the bus comes from then cross the street at the next light to the left leading to the entry point. 小網代の森
Forest of Koajiro Koajiro no mori
Koajironomori map A magical journey through a lush forest of varied vegetation with blue-tinted dragonflies dancing in the sky! Walk on boardwalks and packed mud paths looking at ferns and lush plants in the marsh. The initial part is kinda Jurassic Park-esque but unfortunately this place doesn't translate well into photos. It took us 40 minutes to walk to a small bay where you can have fun crab-spotting along the shore. From there, you can walk to another bus stop and on to an ocean-side hot spring place that costs 1000 yen. We chose to walk back along the same way towards the station. There was barely anyone on a Sunday afternoon. All we could hear was birds chirping and the breeze brushing against the grass. An amazing way to spend a couple of hours in nature - a mostly flat easy walk... lots of bugs though!
Miura boardwalk

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