Kurihama Flower Park

Kurihama Flower Park April
poppies and nemophila in late April

Kurihama Flower Park spring Kurihama Flower Park 久里浜花の国 in Yokosuka 横須賀 is a free park with fields of flowers plus views of the ocean as well as slides and playing areas for kids. It takes half an hour to walk there from the East Exit of Keikyu Kurihama Station 京急久里浜駅 and it's a nice way to spend an hour or two... some uphill walking required or you can pay extra to take the small "trains" inside. Different flowers are in bloom each season - in late April, it was these cute little blue flowers called nemophila and some poppies, amongst others.

The awesome "Godzilla slide" is only for kids aged 3 to 12 though. Too bad. Kids get all the perks!
Godzilla slide Godzilla slide
Godzilla slide Kurihama
Godzilla slide Yokosuka
Now, a profile...

Can you ever have too many pictures of the Godzilla slide?
urm... the answer is, of course not!
Kurihama Flower Park blue flowers Kurihama Flower Park tulips
Kurihama Flower Park

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