Sarushima Island 猿島


Nope, no monkeys here! A pleasant place but not overly exciting. The ferry pier is at Mikasa Park 三笠, a 15-minute walk from Keikyu Line's Yokosuka-Chūō Station 横須賀中央駅. Make sure you buy tickets first at a little white trailer behind the souvenir shop. Starting April 1st of 2016, you must also pay 200 yen on top of the 1300 yen return ferry fare. The line for the 10-minute ferry that leaves once an hour between 8:30-16:30 in the summer can be extremely long during Golden Week. It took us less than an hour to walk through this very small island - some steps but otherwise very easy. You can have a barbecue on the beach, but you have to bring your own food from the mainland. There is rental equipment on the island - the barbecue set for 3500 yen, among other things.

Monkey Island
cool dark tunnel ahead

rentals for beach barbecues

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